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I Buy Rocks and Used Equipment

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Email jra@riverbendlapidary.com or call (210) 724-4545 to order.

Lapidary Equipment       

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Electro D612-T Filtered DC Power Supply 

Cabochons / Display Specimens
 Polished Display Specimens
Mineral Specimens

Lapidary / Knapping Rough       
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 Individual Rough Pieces 
 Individual Knapping Pieces 
Rough Lots 
 Plume / Bouquet  Agate Slabs

 Copper Flint Knapping Flaker Bopper Billet Percussion Tool 

 Flint Lots
Rough by the Pound
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 Malawi Agate
 Tiger Eye
Picture Jasper
Snowflake Obsidian

Leopardskin Rhyolite
Blue Aventurine
Mexican Red Hots aka Berrendo agate
Green Aventurine

Baby Brazil Agate 
Apache Tears
African Carnelian Agate
Blackskin Agate

   Purple Moss Agate
Rio Grande Agate 

Silver Sheen Obsidian
 Texas Flint Nodules
Glass Panes for Knapping   

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